Brainstorm Brewery #5 – Padawan to a Jedi

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Finance Corner

— Preview Cards Galore! the hosts go over most of the cards currently spoiled.

Sam Davis (@SamDavisBoyHero) joins us as a guest host; he does a mini AMA with Ryan & Corbin about what it takes become a trader and how to become better at trading.

— Will it’ll take a miracle for Temporal Mastery to live up to the hype?

— Grislebrand is unveiled and the whole cast likes him better than Avacyn, Angel of Hope.

— Return to Ravnica is announced!!! Shocklands will likely be reprinted in M13, RtR or both!

— Ryan & Corbin talk foils and foreign cards, what should you be trading for?


Tournament Highlights

— MODO Cube caused the prices of packs to plummet due to the grinders; will this become a problem if Cube becomes a regular event? What can be done to make regular Cube a reality?


Brew Pub

— Ryan & Marcel played MODO Cube this weekend, Ryan going 16-5 in 8-4’s & Marcel going 4-4 in the Swiss drafts. Listen to their experiences.

— Marcel played with Corbin’s WBR Modern deck from last, Corbin has new sideboard tech!


What’s It Worth?

— Sam Davis attempts to stump the hosts with his picks this week of: Voidslime (promo), Hero of Bladehold (promo), Honor the Pure (Buy-A-Box) & Seedtime


Altered Card of the Week

Karn Father of Machines (Karn Liberated) by Jackie Lee Alters


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