It’s a mini Meavy Meta meetup! Matthew Bartholomew Beverly (Total guess on the middle name, but tease him as though that?s accurate) a.k.a @MattyStudios drops by to talk finance both of the paper and MODO variety. The gang talks about movers in Theros and other Standard-legal sets, good online resources for tracking prices and Matty only has to be reminded that he’s a guest and not the actual host of the podcast two or three times. It’s like the Vegas extravaganza Meavy Meta episode all over again only way more coherent. Somewhat ironically, this may be one of the most finance-focused casts the gang has ever managed. Whether he likes it or not, Matty is quickly becoming a go-to guy for MODO finance information and he talks all about how he decided he wanted to step his game up and all of the techniques he employed to get there. Maybe the rest of the cast will follow suit and not leave it all to Marcel. So who is conspicuously absent from this installment? Who makes a bold prediction about a card that may be the “new Huntmaster?” Find out the answer to all these questions and more on the Meaviest episode yet that will have you saying “Mama MIA, that’s a spicy meatball!” because you say stuff like that, now- join us for Brainstorm Brewery.

  • Matthew Beverly a.k.a. @MattyStudios drops by to talk MODO finance and the surprises from the first two weeks of legality.
  • The gang wants to do a new running segment where they evaluate a trade you were part of. Send a list of the cards involved in the trade to [email protected] to get their feedback and have your name read on the cast. Some light mockery is a possibility if the trade was lopsided or your name is silly.
  • Interested in contributing to as a writer or editor? Submit your credentials to [email protected].
  • “What’s it Worth?” contains a very nice mix of MODO and paper picks, and as usual they don’t try to limit themselves to four picks. Enjoy all the value, you lucky so and so.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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