It’s a comedy of errors as the gang deals with a series of unfortunate events that all conspired to make sure an episode wasn’t recorded this week. Deciding to save some of the headier topics for another week, the gang digs into a mailbag backlog and finds some great topics. E-mails ranged from timely topics to requests for general advice to requests that Corbin acquire a microphone that picks up his voice as well as it picks up his ice cream-related exploits. The Rate My Trade segment is announced as a regular segment in a big way with the gang tackling several proposed trades and giving their analyses. You wanted another mailbag episode, and you got it. If you’d like your e-mail read on the cast and your name’s pronunciation butchered by Ryan or Marcel, send in a question or a trade you recently completed to brainstormbrew at gmail dot com. How do you evaluate a trade that is straight-across in value? How does the Magic Online market differ? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in a listener-mail episode that will rival the exactly one other time the gang did an episode like this. Join us for “Mailbag 2: Electric Mail Boogaloo” on your favorite Magic podcast that will have you saying, “Why’d they read that guy’s e-mail and not mine?” This is Brainstorm Brewery.

  • The new Commander preconstructed decks are jimmy-jammed with value. What should your investment strategy be?
  • E-mails, e-mails, e-mails. So many were read, and so many more remain to be read. Keep them coming!
  • The gang evaluates some trades. If you want yours evaluated, e-mail in a list of all the cards involved and remember not to tell on which side of the trade you were so you don’t bias the decision.
  • Want to write for the site? E-mail brainstormbrew at gmail dot com! A ton of great submissions have gone up already, and a lot are from Brainstorm Brew Crew members just like yourself. You could be the next great discovery!


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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