The Brew Crew is joined by streaming savant Kenji Egashira (@NumotTheNummy) to talk about all things MODO- bankroll management, streaming, Theros draft archetypes and the dream of going infinite. Kenji was a member of this year’s winning Community Cup team and comes with some stories to tell about his experiences in Seattle. The gang goes deep on a MODO discussion that has a few people toying with the idea of giving MODO a serious try. Are you a total MODO novice? So new that you don’t even know why Magic Online is called MODO? This is the cast for you. Even if you’re an old veteran of Magic Online you’ll get a lot out of this episode. Who rage quit MODO 3 years ago and hasn’t been back since? Whose new article series is going to take everyone through a day in the life of a MODO virgin? Who knew “playing Solitaire” was a euphemism? Who is going to think twice about playing Tetris next time around? Find out the answer to all these questions and more on a jam-packed episode of your favorite Magic Podcast that will have you asking “Didn’t they play something called “What’s it Worth? a long time ago?” This is Brainstorm Brewery.


  • Kenji Egashira (@NumotTheNummy) joins us to talk about his famous twitch stream as well as all manner of MODO-related goodness.
  • It’s a Pick of the Week extravaganza as someone picks an entire set. This may be the largest number of Picks of the Week ever, and right after they finally compiled all of the historical pick data!
  • The winner of the drawing will be announced soon, and all other entrants will be sent their consolation prizes. Stay tuned for the announcement on a future episode.
  • How do you manage your bankroll to stay ahead of the “slow bleed” of too many events? Find out!
  • Kenji was a part of the Community Cup team that trounced the Wizards employees this year. Hear all about his experiences.
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