What do you do when a Travis Woo brew does the voodoo that a Woo brew do? That’s one of the questions on everyone’s minds this week as a card in Modern quintuples up overnight. Who’s buying these cards between $2 and $10? Is it a good buy at $10 anticipating $20? Should those of us with copies hold? This is becoming a regular occurrence lately and it’s hard to know what to do but the gang weighs in and substitutes a few better choices to make. Get ready to cringe as Corbin is grievously injured for your amusement and cringe harder when he regales you with how he spent his recovery period. Hear more conspiracy theories about the meaning behind “Born of the Gods” and how multicolored gods might be dealt with. Three quarters of the gang feels out of their depth discussing Magic Online prices, someone is still clicking cookies and it was apparently not certain the cast would even get recorded this time. Strap in for a bumpy ride on your favorite Magic podcast that will have you asking “How many weeks in a row are they going to mention Soldier of the Pantheon?”

  • The cast starts as all good casts do, with a discussion of something silly from Reddit that apparently isn’t as controversial as one of the hosts thought.
  • Pick of the Week is all solid info spanning multiple formats and platforms. It isn’t to be missed.
  • Marcel has a question about what to do about a card that has hit a record high on MTGO. The gang weighs in.
  • Is Disrupting Shoal a Splinter Twin or an Aluren?
  • What is the hashtag #OKinepts for?
  • Seriously, watch this again. You can actually hear a loud metal pinging sound.
  • If you are artistically inclined, the best photoshop or alteration of either the video of “Corbin Hits a Light Pole” or a still frame from it wins a prize. Send entries to [email protected]
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