Taking time out of his busy schedule of Pro Tour preparation, Ray Perez Jr. (@RayFuturePro) drops by the show to give us some inside info about how the member of a team like MTGMadness prepares for a Pro Tour stop, to tell us about the decks he likes in Modern, and to talk a little more about his experience. Which cast member did he meet for the first time at a Friday Night Magic, giving him his only loss of the night? Which deck was he surprised to find he likes in Modern, and what changes would he make to the deck? And which cast member is happy he made that choice? (I bet you can guess a few of these, but listen anyway.) With the first StarCi-tyGames Open in which Born of the Gods was legal just happening and the Super Sunday Super Series Sunday happening as well, what Born of the Gods cards are going to eke up a bit, and which should you drop like they’re hot? Whose noisy ice-cream-bowl antics disrupt the cast this time? With the finance advice slipped so subtly into what amounts to an entertaining chat with one of the best friends of the brand alive, you may not even notice you learned something. Find out the answer to all of those questions on an episode that will have you asking, “How long until Sam Stoddard snaps and starts post-ing Future Future League decklists online?” Join us for Brainstorm Brewery.

  • Ray Perez Jr. makes a special guest appearance (@RayFuturePro).
  • The Photoshop contest winners need prizes. What do they win? We still don’t know!
  • Pick of the Week is all about value this week, with Born of the Gods prices still not set in stone.
  • Which decks does Ray like in Modern? Which does he not like?
  • When did Ray first meet Ryan and Jason?


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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