This is the set review to end all set reviews. Recognizing that a large part of finance is properly evaluating cards in terms of playability, the gang enlists the help of a living legend, Zac Hill (@zdch). Formerly of Wizards of the Coast R&D (lead game designer), writer of StarCityGames’s Chatter of the Squirrel column and current COO of the Future Project (, Zac brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to the cast. The cast goes long, and you won’t even care with in-depth discussion about the financial implication and playability of the rares and mythics in Journey into Nyx. There’re no games, no segments, no Magic 8 ball—just wall-to-wall finance talk that will have you saying, “That was a good episode; I rather enjoyed it.”


  • The gang is joined by a very special guest Zac Hill (@zdch).
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