Brainstormbrewery #246: Hour of Devastation Set Review

Today we are joined by Phil DeLuca of the Commanderin’ podcast for the Hour of Devastation set review. Since this set looks to be much spicier in Commander than Standard, we invited Phil on to share his perspective. Also, DJ tells perhaps the worst joke in BSB history.
Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
Phil DeLuca is our very special guest (@ketjak)
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Douglas Johnson is and will forever be merely a guest!

3 comments on Brainstormbrewery #246: Hour of Devastation Set Review

  1. tonytahiti says:

    thanks for the review. but you need to get somebody on the cast who is actually good at evaluating cards – you missed smugglers copter (the most obvious good card ever) and you missed a bunch here, too. grind/dust is a very strong card that will keep uw tempo (selfless spirit, nimble obstructionist) in check and will be even sideboard material in modern vs souls decks. the floor of this card is 6 mana: exile two target creatures. etc. scarab god also way undervalued by you guys considering the weakness of this set mythics – it will absorb the value and not nicol bolas. solemnity will drop like a freakin rock. swarm intelligence and fraying sanity? it is like you guys are trying to pick the worst specs in the set not the best. you should have talked about foil abrades too, which will see vintage play (maybe legacy play, too). my recommendation: get a pro on for each set review, it is really not pretty how wrong you are on cards.

    1. Corbin Hosler says:

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep that in mind :) For the record, we did have a pro on for Kaladesh. We missed Copter but we called Torrential Gearhulk going to $20, so I think we did okay.

      1. Jason Alt says:

        Remember when I was a real dumbdumb and called Fraying Sanity? It’s like I’m trying to be bad on purpose, you guise.

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