Forced Fruition Episode 10: Champion of Sacrifice


It’s Important to Remember Your Goals

And with this tenthth episode of Forced Fruition, I would like to think I stayed true to what I set out to do. My primary goal with this series is to learn by doing, and specifically trying things out and learning from mistakes. There are some unique and interesting rare and mythic cards from the Theros block and I was given the chance to play with an excellent combination of them this week. In fact, this is the second week in a row that I’ve managed to get a hold of some instant-speed reanimation! I can count on one hand the number of spells that are capable of reanimation at instant speed, and three of them are from this block. A rare effect indeed. I’ve also got a cameo from my buddy Grant, who drafted with us on episode four. This time, he was our opponent for in round one. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode as much as I enjoyed drafting and playing it. If you’re strapped for time, I implore you to at least watch Match 3, Game 1, where many dreams were lived.

Drafting Pack 1 and 2


Drafting Pack 3 and Deckbuilding


[deck title=Champion of Sacrifice]
*1 Draka Mystic
*1 Baleful Eidolon

*1 Sigiled Starfish

*1 Opaline Unicorn

*1 Blood-Toll Harpy

*1 Grim Guardian

*1 Servant of Tymaret

*2 War-Wing Siren

*1 Akroan Horse

*1 Aerie Worshippers

*1 Cloaked Siren

*1 Reaper of the Wilds

*1 Thassa’s Emissary

*1 Chapmion of Stray Souls

Retraction Helix

*1 Feast of Dreams

*2 Pharika’s Cure

*1 Asphyxiate

*1 Divination

*1 Countermand

*1 Dictate of Erebos
*1 unknown Shores

*6 Island

*9 Swamp

*1 Forest
*1 Forest

Draft pool for episode 10

Draft pool for episode 10

Match 1 Game 1


Match 1 Game 2


Match 2 Game 1


Match 2 Game 2


Match 3 Game 1


Match 3 Game 2


Match 3 Game 3


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Andrew rediscovered his love for Magic when he saw Innistrad. Returning to the game after a long hiatus, he now spends his days streaming drafts (, playing EDH, and practicing Standard.

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