Important Announcement Regarding Tap N’ Sac Podcast

Brainstorm Brewery is excited to add Tap N Sac to the offerings on the site. For the details of this announcement, check out TNS’s explanation below.

Dear listeners of Tap N Sac Podcast, both new and long-time:

I am more than excited to announce that Tap N Sac Podcast, a podcast worth fetching for, will now be sponsored by Brainstorm Brewery!  Because of them, we can guarantee you episodes on a regular basis of the highest quality along with a steady stream of other Magic content, whether it may be articles, a Twitch stream, YouTube videos, etc.  Having the time to deliver Magic content as a result of this sponsorship to you, the listener, is seriously a dream come true.

However, I unfortunately don’t have purely good news to share.  As a result of obtaining this sponsorship, I had to make a seriously difficult decision. Jon Celso, co-host of the podcast and Twitter personality, will no longer join me on a regular basis. For Tap N Sac to grow in this new environment, the show needs to progress toward a similar, but new, direction.  Jon was kind enough to share some parting words:

Dear Tap N Sac listeners/Saclings,
There's never a good way to say goodbye.  I'm super excited that the podcast has achieved a sponsorshipafter Houston put in 2+ years of elbow grease into the podcast -- I'm nothing but excited for him.  I really wish I could be part of it going forward, but I don't want to drive a wedge between Houston and the podcast's growth.  I'm sure he'll find a replacement that also loves bacon, bears, bacon bears, pizza, sandwiches, and Magic.  I'll continue to support the podcast, as I'm sure you will, and I wish it the best of luck.
Celso (@BalduvianBears)
P.S. Don't worry; I'm sure I'll find my way back on the airwaves in some form or fashion because I love talking about this amazing game.  So keep your eyes peeled!

I want to take the moment now to thank Jon for all the hard work he put into the podcast, and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing what Limited Resources has been known for: bringing on a series of guests.  If you’re interested in hopping on the mic, send me an email!

Until next time, see you, fuckers!

Ginger Ale

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2 comments on Important Announcement Regarding Tap N’ Sac Podcast

  1. GenericMagicEnthusiast. says:

    Why did Celso have to go to get a sponsorship? Is this an april fools joke. Fools taking magic waaaaay to seriously to break up a team podcast. Thumbs down for the brewery, get a grip yall- hella corny. Brainstorm Brewery podcast has been falling off anyways and plus now they are scrubbing for money donations now. I wont miss it at this point.

    1. Corbin says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way about BSB. I hope that you give it a try in the future and find it more to your liking.

      By the way, any hosting changes aren’t something we as BSB had any influence over.

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