Khans of Tarkir Cheat Sheet – European Edition

Writer Sander Van Der Zee took some time today out of his busy schedule of winning PTQs and talking with his funny Dutch accent to replicate the Khans of Tarkir prerelease cheat sheet from Quiet Speculation but with prices from MCM so that European players would not be left out.

There are several very notable price differences that reflect the projected meta and differences in card selection choices between the two metagames. While a card like [card]Crackling Doom[/card] sold out several times on Star City’s prerelease site, causing the price to go up several times, [card]Crackling Doom[/card] is still at its original presale price on MCM. Despite that, [card]Deflecting Palm[/card] is above a bulk rare.

There are lots of odd discrepancies, so hopefully some of our European readers can exploit the differences between the two lists and trade for cards that are already spiked in the US and which are very likely to spike on MCM soon and dump those [card]Deflecting Palm[/card]s while they’re still worth twice as much as [card]Crackling Doom[/card].

Take a look at the European prices. They are in Euros, but I feel silly even telling you that. Chances are if you’re interested in the European market, you’re aware. For reference, the current exchange rate puts 1 USD at 0.78 Euro.

Feel free to print, share and reference this list at the prerelease tonight

European cheat sheet

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