Late Night Packs- Tokens Revealed

Brainstorm Brewery is blowing up all over the internet! Our latest is a feature on the Quad9s Youtube Channel.

Quad9s is a channel that profiles some MTGO gameplay. There are a lot of good Cube videos in the “Like a Johnny” series. The channel also features a lot of booster pack opening vids, and let’s face it; who doesn’t love to watch other people open packs? I totally, unironically do. If someone busts a pack of Beta and gets a Mox like MTG Headquarters did when Jeremy opened a Beta Ruby, you share in their jubilation. When they open a Deathlace like, well, MTG Headquarters also did, you get a little Schadenfreude to enjoy and you also get to think “I’m glad that wasn’t my $800”.

Quad9s recently ordered some of our tokens and opened them up as well as some booster packs in a ceremony that is as good as any to serve as a debut of our Rk Post Kraken tokens. Kiora is making waves (that pun was unintentional, I promise, but I’m going to leave it) at the Pro Tour right now, and if you plan to make a splash (last one, I promise) with Kiora in the new, post-rotation Standard, you don’t want to be playing some trifling 9/9 kraken you got in a booster pack like a poor person. You’re a fan of finance, and finance fans make tokens in style. Windmill one of our krakens, or, if that’s not your style, find an excuse to jimmy jam with a 1/1 Ray Perez Soldier by Derfington, a 1/1 flying Spirit by Inkwell Looter or a 2/2 Satyr token by Brian Clymer.

Here is the Quad9s video. Like it, share it, subscribe to the channel; go nuts. Let’s show our supporters some support and make the phrase “Brainstorm Brewery Bump” a real thing and not just something I say ironically when one of our writers get 2 new twitter followers. We sold a ton of tokens already over at our store and we have more on order as well as redesigned playmat. Watch the video and listen for episode 100 of the podcast coming next week.

This is your Brainstorm Brewery Overlord, Jason Alt signing off.

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@JasonEAlt     -     Email     -     Articles Jason is a financier living in Michigan. You can find his work on Gathering Magic, Quiet Speculation, and MTG Price. Jason brings several years of MTG finance experience to the podcast as well as his signature wit and comic relief. Jason joined the podcast as a guest on Episode 10 and again on Episode 12 and it was clear that the group had a great dynamic. He became a permanent member of the cast soon after and the world of MTG finance hasn’t been the same since. Jason is also a disgruntled former member of Team Simic.

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