MTG After Hours #10 – Lost Cause

Brainstorm Brewery After Hours is a collection of outtakes and stories that aren’t fit for publication on respectable websites. While Brainstorm Brewery is a podcast that strives for a PG-13 rating, After Hours has no such aspirations.
This week on After Hours is a lost episode that never made it to be published. You’re welcome.

Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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@BrainstormBrew     -     Email     -     Podcasts The original Magic: The Gathering podcast all about MTG finance.
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One comment on “MTG After Hours #10 – Lost Cause

  1. chris H says:

    Hey where the heck is more money draft pod casts. I consume about TOOOOOOOOO FUCKING MANY hours of pod casts each week as my main magic focus and I have been literally checking mtg cast and this site and mana deprived for more money draft and I AM pissed that no more has been uploaded. Fuck me if I don’t lovr some brainstorm brewery but when 3 episodes og BB come out to 1 money draft I will fucking riot. Get those guys off their asses. I have a hour commute by bike every day for work and between money draft, heavy meta, the eh team, MNM, BB, tapNsac, judgecast, judgecast north(wtf happened to you guys), I have to re listen to ALL your cats at least twice every week just to fill in the gap. That does not even count time at the gym or time spent studying. Get on that uploading shit. JESUS

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