MtG After Hours #4 – Foot in the Mouth

This weeks episode is a throwback from episode 39 of Brainstorm Brewery.  As usual a whole podcast was recorded before they recorded the actual podcast.  Only this time some of the pregame made the cut, while the rest can never be released to the public. :P  You also get to hear about the infamous Fogo bets.

MtG After Hours is basically all the good shit that gets cut on the editing floor. Often while recording a podcast, the banter that’s not being recorded for the show can sometime be better than the actual episode. Get a rare behind the scenes in to the minds of your favorite podcasters, the featured podcast will rotate each week.


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3 comments on MtG After Hours #4 – Foot in the Mouth

  1. Corbin says:

    My god Ryan’s decks are bad.

  2. Jason Alt says:

    I saw this comment in the feed on the dashboard and I thought you were referring to Ryan Archer for a second and I was about to karate you in the neck.

  3. Paul Feudo says:

    This is an incredible trainwreck.

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