MtG After Hours #9 – EDH World Problems

This week’s episode comes from episode 83 of Brainstorm Brewery with guest host Adam Styborski (@the_stybs).  Jason and Corbin inquire about how to make a fun yet powerful EDH deck.  Corbin gives his reasons for playing Combo elements in his decks.  Jason is still looking to find the perect 75% EDH deck.  Adam see red about a new commander, wishing it would go away is being kind.

MtG After Hours is basically all the good shit that gets cut on the editing floor. Often while recording a podcast, the banter that’s not being recorded for the show can sometime be better than the actual episode. Get a rare behind the scenes in to the minds of your favorite podcasters, the featured podcast will rotate each week.

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One comment on “MtG After Hours #9 – EDH World Problems

  1. The Slickster says:

    I really like that short podcast. Even if it was just over 12 minutes that was pretty interesting. I’m pretty sure you’re Fanbase would appreciate those short episodes about different topics as well. It really hits for those who only have a short time to listen or easily forget parts of a full-length podcast’s different subjects. it’s also hard to backtrack in the large podcasts.

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