Corbin Hosler

Taking All the Turns – A Modern Extra Turns Primer

If you ask a typical Magic player what their favorite thing is in the game, one of the common answers you’ll hear is “drawing cards.” It’s why cards like Howling Mine have been in the game since it was created, and why that effect has stuck around since. Ask a typical Magic player what the…

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A Modern Merfolk Primer from Fish’s Biggest Fan

It’s not a secret to anyone who knows me that I love Merfolk. Or that anyone who may have heard me say anything in passing knows that I love Merfolk. Or that anyone who has ever had a single limited interaction with me knows I love Merfolk. I have a good reason, after all. I’ve…

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Corbin Hosler – Building A Brand

Today I want to do something a little different. With a Standard metagame that’s offering fewer and fewer opportunities for the next month or two and Modern still a long way off, I’d rather not look at the minutia of Magic finance at the moment.   My Story I know we have a lot of…

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