Mana Base

Unified Theory of Commander: Mana

Playing the biggest, splashiest, and most ridiculous spells in Magic is one of Commander’s best selling points. EDH isn’t called “Battlecruiser Magic” for nothing. But these format-defining spells won’t ever create incredible moments of gameplay if you don’t have the mana necessary to cast them. Having your favorite cards stuck in hand is no fun….

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Jim Casale – Long-Term Plans: The Mana

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another installment of Long-Term Plans! Today, we’ll discuss the most important part of any Commander Deck: the mana!  But before that, I have a few Commander-related finance calls that I’d like to share with you. $$$ Commander 2013 was a set with only 51 new cards. Among them are [card]True-Name…

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