Weekend Magic: 5/22-5/24

This weekend brought us Star City Games: Worcester, which featured Legacy as the main event with a side of Standard and Modern. Let’s take a look at the results and see which Legacy decks did best in a larger field.

Star City Games Open: Legacy (Worcester, MA, USA)


Deck Finish Player Deck Finish Player
Grixis Delver 1st Noah Walker Sultai Delver 9th Ben Feingersh
Elves 2nd Andrew Jessup Miracles 10th Sam Roukas
Lands 3rd David Long Sultai Delver 11th Ross Merriam
Grixis Control 4th Paul Lynch Miracles 12th Joe Lossett
Death and Taxes 5th Michael Derczo U/R Delver 13th Eli Kassis
Infect 6th Zachary Koch Grixis Delver 14th Ed Demicco
Jeskai Stoneblade 7th Kevin Jones Omni-Tell 15th Chris VanMeter
Miracles 8th Joe Spanier Grixis Control 16th Eric English

Grixis Delver took down the event piloted by Noah Walker. Key cards in this deck included [card]Deathrite Shaman[/card], [card]Delver of Secrets[/card], and [card]Young Pyromancer[/card] backed up by twenty-eight cheap spells that help fuel huge Delve targets [card]Gurmag Angler[/card] and [card]Dig Through Time[/card]. [card]Cabal Therapy[/card] is a nice inclusion in the sideboard, as you can make good use of it with [card]Young Pyromancer[/card] tokens. Overall, the sideboard is pretty transformational and can be used to update the deck for a variety of matchups. It’s a solid deck, so expect to see more Delver lists in Legacy for the foreseeable future.

Elves was the runner up, which still shows that it is one of the best decks in the format. Key cards in the Elves strategy include [card]Heritage Druid[/card], [card]Nettle Sentinel[/card], [card]Wirewood Symbiote[/card], [card]Glimpse of Nature[/card], and [card]Natural Order[/card]. These cards all allow the deck to ultimately combo off by fetching a [card]Craterhoof Behemoth[/card] with [card]Green Sun’s Zenith[/card] in order to kill your opponent off in one huge turn. The sideboard includes black cards that allow it to transform into a more attrition-style deck with [card]Abrupt Decay[/card], [card]Cabal Therapy[/card], and [card]Thoughtseize[/card], along with one copy of [card]Progenitus[/card] in order to get around targeted removal.

Rounding out the rest of the Top 8 were a wide variety of decks. Lands is a classic Legacy standby deck; Grixis Control is a newer deck based on planeswalkers [card]Dack Fayden[/card] and [card]Jace, the Mind Sculptor[/card] along with a ton of spells to control the game; Death and Taxes is the white punisher deck seen in Legacy often these days; Infect is a solid creature based on combo deck; Jeskai Stoneblade is a more recent addition to the Legacy pantheon that has established itself as a dominant archetype; and Miracles is the de facto control deck in Legacy these days.

Rounding out the rest of the Top 16 were lots of control and tempo decks but only one combo deck. Surprisingly, plenty of grindy and tempo decks made it into the Top 16 of this tournament while combo sort of got left out. No Storm decks means that players were definitely prepared to face combo that weekend.

Star City Games Premier IQ: Standard (Worcester, MA, USA)


Deck Finish Player Deck Finish Player
Abzan Aggro 1st John McCarthy Abzan Control 9th Peter Nguyen
Mono-Red Aggro 2nd Greg Lanzillotta R/W Dragons 10th Devon O’Donnell
G/R Devotion 3rd Jared Dimascio G/R Dragons 11th Oliver Dyakov
Abzan Control 4th Matthew Wong Esper Dragons 12th Marius Cholewa
Abzan Control 5th Roger Bulmer Abzan Megamorph Control 13th Adam Riley
Abzan Aggro 6th Jake Bartlett Abzan Megamorph Control 14th Mike Sigrist
Bant Megamorph 7th Julian Flury Bant Megamorph 15th Oliver Tiu
Abzan Aggro 8th Chris Kvortek Temur Dragons 16th John Lubrano

Abzan Aggro took down the Standard portion of the tournament, along with putting two others into the Top 8 spots of the event. Along with Abzan Control, Abzan strategies accounted for five of the Top 8 finishes in the Standard Preimier IQ. Key cards in Abzan Strategies include [card]Siege Rhino[/card], [card]Abzan Charm[/card], [card]Fleecemane Lion[/card], [card]Dromoka’s Command[/card], and [card]Hero’s Downfall[/card].

Mono-Red Aggro, G/R Devotion, and Bant Megamorph all are also good strategies to watch out for. Bant Megamorph makes best use of the enchantment [card]Mastery of the Unseen[/card] along with [card]Whisperwood Elemental[/card] in order to keep churning out more 2/2 Manifests every turn.

The rest of the Top 16 included decks such as R/W Dragons, Esper Dragons, Temur Dragons, and Abzan Megamorph Control. Dragons decks are still doing quite well these days, even though Esper Dragons seems to have fallen out of favor since players are more prepared to play against the deck. Temur Dragons is the most unique deck, featuring cards such as [card]Savage Knuckleblade[/card], [card]Whisperwood Elemental[/card], and [card]Stubborn Denial[/card].

Star City Games Premier IQ: Modern (Worcester, MA, USA)


Deck Finish Player Deck Finish Player
Temur Delver 1st Jordan Boisvert Jund 9th Julian Wildes
Amulet Bloom 2nd Micah Greenbaum Zoo 10th David Lin
U/R Twin 3rd Brian Swatkins Jund 11th Adam Snoot
Jund 4th Frank Moon Jund 12th Jarvis Yu
Grixis Twin 5th Matthew Tellier Burn 13th Patrick Byrne
Zoo 6th Cheng Gong U/R Twin 14th Justin Harpin
Esper Zur 7th Timothy Fay G/W Hatebears 15th Dave Covino
G/R Tron 8th Dylan Plourde Abzan 16th Nick Yanofsky

Temur Delver took down the Modern part of the weekend piloted by Jordan Boisvert. The deck very different than your typical Temur Delver lists – included were four [card]Hooting Mandrills[/card], two [card]Curiosity[/card], four [card]Disrupting Shoal[/card], three [card]Stubborn Denial[/card], and one [card]Simic Charm[/card]. Also, there are three [card]Blood Moon[/card] in the sideboard of this deck that come in to crush… other three color decks I presume? Certainly an interesting spin on Temur Delver that is sure to have players discussing these choice for a while.

Rounding out the Top 8 were a nice assortment of decks, including Jund, Zoo, and something called Esper Zur. Esper Zur is definitely an interesting deck – playing four of the namesake card [card]Zur the Enchanter[/card], this deck aims to get out [card]Detention Sphere[/card], [card]Spreading Seas[/card], and [card]Steel of the Godhead[/card] (along with other enchantments in the sideboard) in order to lock down the game and finish the opponent off with a powered up Zur or [card]Geist of Saint Traft[/card].

Zoo is still packing [card]Collected Company[/card], so if you start seeing small creatures attacking your face be on the lookout for a potentially backbreaking combat or end of turn trick. Getting a [card]Loxodon Smiter[/card] and [card]Knight of the Reliquary[/card] off of a [card]Collected Company[/card] is no joke!

Jund is now pretty much the only deck playing [card]Dark Confidant[/card], as the deck needs a source of card advantage since it is trying to control the game through spells like [card]Abrupt Decay[/card], [card]Lightning Bolt[/card], [card]nquisition of Kozilek[/card], and [card]Terminate[/card]. [card]Liliana of the Veil[/card], [card]Tarmogoyf[/card], and [card]Scavenging Ooze[/card] are also mainstays in the deck due to their versatility in the format. [card]Fulminator Mage[/card] and [card]Choke[/card] out of the sideboard help against multicolor and blue decks, while cards like [card]Feed the Clan[/card] and [card]Anger of the Gods[/card] are great against hyper aggressive strategies.

Rounding out the rest of the Top 16 it appears that Jund did very well for itself in this event. No new decks this week in the Top 16, so that’s about it for Modern coverage.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more future Magic coverage.


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