Month: August 2012

Brainstorm Brewery #21 – Attack of the Izzly Bears

— “What’s It Worth?” has now become “Guessing with the Godslayer”, until someone submits and new name and claims the prize, anyone?!? — Ravnica spoilers and yes there are some juicy cards already. –Three of the host make calls on cheap rares that could potentially blow up if a creature with populate is printed. —…

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Brainstorm Brewery #20 – GenCon Withdraws

“Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!” — GenCon, GenCon, GenCon, get your proper dose of GenCon.? This episode is about our experiences at GenCon, the ups and downs along with some financials. — Watch out GenCon videos here.   Contact Us Brainstorm Brewery – website – email – twitter – facebook – YouTube…

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Brainstorm Brewery #19 – GenCon, Sidetracks & Tangents

“Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!” — GenCon Primer: the hosts talk about how to prepare for the Trader’s Paradise that is GenCon. Get tips on where to find the best deals, how to trade for the cards you want and protect yourself from theft. Also important topics like where to eat at…

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