Brainstorm Brewery #21 – Attack of the Izzly Bears

— “What’s It Worth?” has now become “Guessing with the Godslayer”, until someone submits and new name and claims the prize, anyone?!?

— Ravnica spoilers and yes there are some juicy cards already.

–Three of the host make calls on cheap rares that could potentially blow up if a creature with populate is printed.

— A listener bought his first collection and the hosts go over how to best break down the collection and sell it off. We will check back on the collection in future episodes.

— Mono Green Infect and Black market has done well in tournaments, what are the card calls associated with these decks.
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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #21 – Attack of the Izzly Bears

  1. Jake says:

    So, a new name? Uhh…
    Slaying the market?
    Answers with Aaron?
    I’m bad at this game.

    1. Not Jason Alt, someone else entirely says:

      Aaron Sulla is a douchebag works for me.

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