Brainstorm Brewery #22 – Spoils of the Planewalkers

— Shocklands are Back!!! Resident troll and devil’s advocate Ryan Bushard admits defeat.– Return to Ravnica spoilers galore, some juicy cards have been previewed and the hosts are divided on several of them. Which do they think are potential players in the new Standard?

— Two new exciting Planeswalkers are debated on the cast, guess who likes which one.

— Follow up on the collection bought in Japan, the host talk about the next steps to take and what to do with bulk no one wants to buy.

— Guessing with the Godslayer is back with Aaron trying hard to stump the crew.

— Arthur Halavais (@ahalavais) talks bout Dryad Militant in his article on State Based Actions, find out why Shock would be exiled while Murder would make it the graveyard.


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