Brainstorm Brewery #238: I Really Just Want My House To Catch Fire

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This week, Jason talks through offering a bulk rate for all of a store’s unwanted cards.  Find out how Doug is going to process 600,000 bulk cards over the summer.  Listener emails cover card alters, invocation pulls and sealed Modern Masters boxes.

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Douglas Johnson is and will forever be merely a guest

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  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t it pronounced Thras-i-ohs?

    1. Douglas Johnson

      Probably. I could easily be wrong on any given card name. -DJ

  2. AvidClown

    Come on, guys..Deepglow Skate was *never* pre-ordering at $1 or anywhere close to that. Please stop making stuff up. Wow.

    Also, related, please generally try to avoid taking victory laps on cards. Don’t be smug. That do that over at MTGPrice and it is consistently one of the worst things about their weekly podcasts.

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