Brainstorm Brewery #12 – A Bachelor’s Farewell…

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— The shards of Alara are returning in M13, does that mean a Noble Hierarch reprint, Tri-Lands? Looks like there will be 2 new planeswalkers in M13, also Shocklands are looking likely with Arbor Elf being reprinted.

— There’s talk of Snapcaster, Delver and/or Ponder getting banned in Standard.

— Jason Alt (@JasonEAlt) from returns as a guest host.

Corbin’s Getting Married!!! Congratulations!!! Enjoy the Honeymoon in Jamaica!!!


Finance Corner

— Planechase 2 deck lists have been released; the hosts go over their picks as potentially movers.

— Counterfeit Power 9: what to look for and tips on how to avoid counterfeit copies.

— Bonfire of the Damned is looking to position itself as “King of the Hill” in Avacyn Restored.


What’s It Worth

— Jason comes up with a cool new format for “What’s It Worth?” where the hosts attempt to pick the most expensive card from a select group of cards.


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  1. Not Jason Alt, someone else entirely says:

    This is your best podcast yet! That Jason Alt is a genius!

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