Spoilers have started, confusing mechanics are announced, the new year is upon us, and audiences are alienated. Some of you are going to reread that last sentence and try to figure out where it changed tense. Some of you are going to disagree with a few of the Picks of the Week. Some of you will not care that someone didn’t come up with one. The important thing is that you’re tuning in to the number-one MTG finance podcast in the world. You’ve read the show notes, and doing so was a solid decision. Keep the good-decisions train rolling, and put the podcast in your headholes for the next hour or so, and be whisked away to a land where no one cheats with manifest creatures, Soulflayers are powered with Chromanticore blood, and that has all of your densities and manafests. Join us for Brainstorm Brewery.

  • No guest. No need.
  • Finance 101 is going strong but needs suggestions. E-mail us.
  • Spoilers!
  • Picks of the Week happen, and almost everyone comes up with one.
  • Questions? Concerns? E-mail brainstormbrew at gmail dot com.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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