Brainstorm Brewery #131 – Fate Reforged Set Review with Conley Woods

  • Fate Reforged set review with Conley Woods (@Conley81)

Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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3 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #131 – Fate Reforged Set Review with Conley Woods

  1. Jason Paul says:

    Monastery Siege. It plays three different roles that are all useful in control decks. First it is a draw engine. Two is better than one and I like getting the option of discarding a card that maybe I had been holding and lost value between turns. Then, it fuels delve since you have to discard a card. Lots of land in the deck as is normal for most control decks means you will likely not lose value on the discard. Now each turn I’m guaranteed that my delve cards will be easier to play in the long run. Lastly, it’s second ability gives you peace of mind from burn spells getting great value against you. Who wants to deal 3 damage for 4 mana outside of limited? I will be running 2 main and 1 sideboard in UB control.

  2. Richard says:

    re: Torrent Elemental I found a kinda-neat use in ‘Champion’ Elementals from Lorwyn era. I also *strongly* suspect Elementals will be a big tribe in BFZ. If so, we could see Champion again… (or some other new Imprint-type mechanic) Besides that, have you actually played with this card? He does shut down their entire board. I’ll be pretty suprised if he maintains that low price–lots of upside for a Mythic. Maybe it’s just me…

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