Brainstorm Brewery #14 – Invitational Woes

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— Darin Minard goes over his last minute deck tech he came up with for the Standard Open where he placed 20th! Check out his decklist!

— Corbin played a Naya deck in the standard portion of the SCG Invitational and Maverick in the legacy partition, listen to his experiences


Finance Corner

— All in all the Invitational was a lack luster event for trading but not a complete wash.

— New Ajani and Liliana planewalkers will be in M13, the lines are draw and not everyone is on the same side of the fence, where do you land?

— The hosts make pick from M13’s other hit and misses, the Titans leave behind big shoes to fill.

— Jason Alt (@JasonEAlt) from returns as a guest host.

Contest Time

— Which side of the Reserved List argument do you stand, present your reasons for or against the Reserved List, the strongest arguments from each side wins an AVR draft set. Please include what type of player you are, what formats you play & how long you’ve been playing.


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