Brainstorm Brewery #17 – Shotcalls & Eight Balls

“Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!”
— M13 review time!!! Shotcalls with no Magic Eightball, well… usually.– Return to Ravnica will have the best prelease event ever, hands down, bar none; will make you say what’s a Helivault?

— MODO’s new client is out as a preview but the hosts are far from enthusiastic about the pending release, what went wrong?


— A chance to design cards for the upcoming Booze Cube expansion which will be ready at GenCon. Read the contests rule here, submissions are due by August 5th.


— Corbin and Marcel take the mono White Artifact deck from lasts episode and work on it independently, tune in next week as they reveal their decklists; what cards will be the same?


Mono-White Artifact Control v.1

12 Plains

4 Phyrexia’s Core

4 Ghost Quarter

4 Buried Ruin

3 Surge Node

3 Contagion Clasp

3 Shrine of Loyal Legions

3 Grindclock

2 Ratchet Bomb

3 Throne of Geth

3 Tumble Magnet

1 Oblivion Ring

2 Timely Reinforcements

2 Day of Judgment

2 Lux Cannon

2 Clock of Omens

2 Trading Post

3 Tezzeret’s Gambit

2 Terminus


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