Brainstorm Brewery #18 – Booze Cubalooza!

“Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!”
— Booze Cube Madness!!! The hosts have their submissions for the Booze Cube expansion, listen in to hear what they came up with and vote here on your favorite cards for the expansion.– Tournament heavy weekend with 3 GPs, MOCS and a MODO PTQ. Modern is still uncharted territory with several rogue decks Day 2ing and Affinity winning in Columbus.– Ryan & Jason bought a sick collection and Jason pulls cards for this week’s “What’s It Worth?”

— Corbin and Marcel talk about their take on the mono White Artifact deck from last episode, there are similarities and differences with their final products, here are their decklists. Please send in your own decklists for the hosts to potentially feature on a future show.


— A chance to design cards for the upcoming Booze Cube expansion which will be ready at GenCon. Read the contests rule here, submissions are due by August 5th.

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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #18 – Booze Cubalooza!

  1. Daniel says:

    LOVE Buffalo Wild Wings as a land. Amazing idea.

    The end result (someone drinking a concoction) is similar to ending a game of Kings (if you dont know this drinking game look it up, pretty fun!).

    The biggest problem if you are the person that has to drink this, isn’t necessarily the taste … but the fact that 80+ percent of the concoction is beer, and by the time someone has to drink it, its warm, which makes it that much worse.

    Great Addition to the Booze Cube!

  2. Jim R says:

    Is it possible on one of the next 2 episodes to have a GenCon primer for buying/selling/trading for all the new people going and trying to get involved in that aspect of it? With so many dealers, how do you find the best sale prices, where to trade/what to watch out for, ect.

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