Brainstorm Brewery #196 – Listening to Fans (For Some Reason)

Marcel is hit with a work/baby 1-2 punch leaving him unable to join the cast. Things get very interesting when Liliana Alt decides she wants to emulate her father’s night owl lifestyle and forces Jason to cast with her in his lap, contributing verbally but unintelligibly when the mood strikes her. It’s adorable, and if you think “That’s unprofessional” or basically “That’s something other than adorable” then maybe you should have doctors check for tumors in the part of your brain where you experience joy. It’s a 4 person cast with a new segment, discussion about everything from Eternal Masters to the price spike on Library of Alexandria and everything in between. Well, not everything in between. That would be ridiculous. Like, two things in between. If that. I think those two things might have been discussed back-to-back. Still, though. Nice little episode. Why not just put it into your earholes?



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