Brainstorm Brewery #197 – Down to the Wire

It’s almost Episode 200 and you know what that means! Or maybe you don’t. I personally think it means we’ll start labeling our episodes “198.5, 198.9, 199.0” etc. Still, just because this isn’t our Episode 200 extravaganza doesn’t mean this isn’t an action-packed episode. There are spoilers to cover, finance happenings, e-mails to read, a new segment to keep doing – there’s a lot to do. And there is a lot that you as listeners can do, also. Help us name our new segment where we discuss cards that are surprisingly not bulk. Patronize our Patreon. Write us an e-mail asking a question. Tell us your favorite running jokes from the last 200 episodes. You guys are the best and you’re the reason we keep doing this cast.



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4 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #197 – Down to the Wire

  1. Bill P. says:

    You should title the new segment “Bulk to Binder.”

    1. Travis says:


  2. Seth P says:

    God damn I really have to give it to Jason. For the past 100 episodes I’ve listened to Jason bark on about the profits you can get from speccing on EDH cards, and I never bought into it. But I have recently been reading a ton of your articles on EDH and speccing on some EDH cards of my own with some good success. I bought 26 Zedruus for roughly $20, which was paid off by just two of the Zedruus I bought. I have now bought into some other EDH cards that I have seen some growth on, and plan on holding onto for a while longer.

    Thanks Brew for the advice over my time in the finance community.

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