Brainstorm Brewery #199 – We’re Not Gonna Make It

You are absolutely getting an episode 200 extravaganza. We’re going to put together your favorite clips of the best moments from the last 100 episodes since the last extravaganza at episode 100 (which was, like, the 106th episode we did, but, whatever) and you’re going to love it. It will make you laugh and smile and remember why you love this podcast so much. You’re just not going to get it next week. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and it’s also worth waiting for. It’s not like we won’t do episodes in the mean time, either. We’re not going on hiatus. We’ll be back with Episode #201 next week. You’ll forget we skipped 200, then, BAM. Value. While you wait, check out this very, very solid episode where we address manipulation of the secondary market, read e-mails, rename our new segment and give you so much value that you’ll have to buy a second phone just to store it all. Feast your earholes on Brainstorm Brewery.


  • Spoilers!
  • Who’s the Martin Shkreli of MTG Finance?
  • E-mails!
  • Bulk to Binder! Breaking Bulk
  • Pick of the WEEEEK, but earlier. You won’t know where.
  • Help us with episode 200 -actually, it’s too late, I think.
  • Support our Patreon! DO IT. You know this cast makes you more than $1 a week
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