Money Draught #57 – Bigger Than Ever

Topics include: The UK referendum, Eldritch Moon design choices, favorite spoilers, a possible objective way to measure power creep, JR’s confusion of Commander ethics as seen through the prism of Words of Waste, Eternal Masters draft impressions, the Japanese “Herbivore Men” phenomenon, and gun control.

** This cast is for mature listeners**

Your Hosts:
Jason Alt — @JasonEAlt
Slick Jagger — @slickJagger
JR — @time_elemental

2 comments on Money Draught #57 – Bigger Than Ever

  1. Hey guys,

    I started listening to your show because of the Finkel episode (obviously). Shortly thereafter, I left Standard and started to focus on EDH and Limited. I learned about Jason Alt, EDH Jesus, and started listening to Brainstorm Brewery. I’ve since listened to all of the episodes post-Finkel, and I’m left to wonder: Am I missing something? Is your podcast really just randos ranting about whatever (plus Magic, sometimes)?

    To be clear: I don’t mind this. I enjoy the show. I just feel like there’s an inside joke somewhere that I’m not in on. LOOP ME IN, BROS

    1. time_elemental says:

      I guess there are many inside jokes and i guess none of us have any significant mtg results so are randos in that sense. There are some underlying themes to our more random topics, like financial decline and historical fiascos, but your description is fair enough, and thanks for listening.

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