Brainstorm Brewery #239: The Return of the Pridemage

Corbin is tired from PT Amonkhet and Jason hijacks the start of the cast.   The evolving standard meta and best moment in player interviews are discussed. Someone gives Doug an excuse to talk about Pokemon.  Breaking bulk covers odd tokens and old core sets.  Jason talks about which EDH decks Amonkhet cards are influencing.

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3 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #239: The Return of the Pridemage

  1. Brandon says:

    Corbin totally cared about being wrong, like he always does.

  2. Damon Tarloth says:

    !!!! pok’emon !!! a few comments would of been fine, but Seriously! ! ! WTF …

    This Podcast is now Purely Tainted….

    Time to leave, Cut our ties, Sever,
    Completely Stained! This Dark Endeavor

    Supposed to be Magical,
    Insightful, Now I’m Doubtful,
    Pok’emon Corrupted, Easily abducted.
    Controlled, Brainwashed to follow,
    Happiness fades black, All turns to Sorrow…

    Now you’re tainted, Violated,
    No way to cleanse once contaminated.
    Even with time to make amends,
    Tragedy will strike once again…

    Breaking the heart, Filled with pain,
    Darkness seething from within.
    Striking fast, Plunging deep,
    Tears of blood, As you weep…

    Defaced, Lifeless, In haste,
    In a second of Rage totally erased.
    No coming back, No trick or deceit,
    Past the point of mortal beliefs…

    Giving in, Letting go,
    So much easier than you could know.
    Sever the bonds to the past Forever!
    There’s no coming back from this Dark Endeavor…

    © Damon Tarloth

    If any of you are associated with “”, many of the prices are being skewed, inaccurate posted “Buy/Sell” prices from some of the stores, risking the site’s credibility… That will really suck if all the people that worked so hard on the site, end up letting it all fall apart… :(

    I will check in again next week…

  3. Dustin says:

    Didn’t mind the Jason interruption in the beginning. Didn’t mind the Pokemon talk.
    Corbin sounded like a little bitch for the at the first 15 mins. I am not sure I couldnt listen to him complain anymore. Not sure if Corbin is the “boss” of the podcast but he sounds like an ass telling Jason “giving him a chance at the big league to see how he would do?”
    I think Corbin was trying to be fun, but he isn’t.
    Dj gets shit on every week and he takes it fine. Interupt Corbin and he is a little bitch for the whole episode or at least to where I stop listening.

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