This week at our listener’s request we delve deep into the land of Magic Online and how Magic Next might impact the environment.    Nathaniel Buckley-Wright of Cardhoarder fame joins us to share his insights into the evolving MTGO economy, how to trade card spikes, and some lower risk ways to speculate.   Corbin could not join us because he was asleep in an airport somewhere.

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6 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #240: Cardhoarder Knowledge Bombs

  1. Anonymous says:

    “People are using stuff like Soothsaying” Before the top ban, Soothing foils were $4. Any idea what they are now?

  2. Brandon says:

    No Corbin….yay.

  3. Some Bro says:

    Your guest sounds like he’s in the bottom of barrel.

    1. Nathaniel says:

      Don’t tell anyone, but I had just finished a barrel of whiskey so I casted from inside it.

  4. Some Bro says:

    And I miss Corbin.

  5. SpellNatsi says:


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