Brainstorm Brewery #25 – Ravnica Shotcallers!

— Return to Ravnica Set Review Episode!!! Jonathan Medina (@mtgMedina) member of The Eh Team and the man behind joins us as a guest host this week!

— Calling Shots! Are they a financially good move? The hosts debate the legitimacy of called shots and if they are actually worth it.

— Bulk or Not?? The hosts go over all the current bulk rares and make their predictions on which will stay bulk. Each host picks 5 cards they believe will not be bulk! Listen to find out.

— Shocklands are at absurd presale prices with Overgrown Tomb at $20. Jon sold Ravnica originals at the same pre-sale prices as the newer versions; did he make the wrong decision?? Jon sure thinks he made the right decision, listen to his reasons why.

— What card will be the chase card of the set, the hosts weigh in and you may be surprised with their picks.


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8 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #25 – Ravnica Shotcallers!

  1. MattyStudios says:

    Amazing Ep Marcel, love your smooth, always on point flow!

  2. Kyle says:

    I asked Medina for a RtR prerelease call. He told me Aristocrat and Thalia. Both were $3 at the time.

  3. mike says:

    Loving the cast. It is in my top 3 of favorite casts. I meet you at gencon and told you i listened to the show and you asked how it could be better and I just said guests. Well you gave me some tokens to give out and I even gathered up all the ones other people left. I gave out like 60 at my LGS. People really like them and a few even told me they started listening to the cast. People are still asking me for them and I even seen a guy trade some other tokens to a guy for a few more than the 2 each I was giving for himself.

    Is there any chance you can send a bunch of them my way? They will all be given away at my lgs and events, like the upcoming GP in Atlantic City that I will be going to. To bad I don’t have any more to give out at the pre or release.

    Keep up the good work. oh also hashtag #more medina

    1. Thank you much for the support, I’m glad you are liking the tokens. Send me your address via email, and we’ll get some more tokens to you.

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