Brainstorm Brewery #30 – Thragtusk Orgy

— Thragtusk is the big bad wolf in Standard, seemingly everywhere in the Meta; is he worth the $25 sticker price? What part of Thragtusk make him so powerful?

— Rakdos’s Return turns out to be a powerhouse as Ryan predicted and everyone else didn’t believe the hype.

— We talk about the 2 GPs that took place over the weekend.

— We are continuing our new segment where each host recommends to buy, sell or hold a Pick of the Week!

–For What?s It Worth, each host picks a card and tries to stump the other hosts.

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One comment on “Brainstorm Brewery #30 – Thragtusk Orgy

  1. mike says:

    Wah hoo !

    Been checking the site every day for the last 5 days. Was starting to get worried.


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