Brainstorm Brewery #31 – In Thrag We Tusk

— Chas Andres (@chasandres), financial writer for Star City Games, joins us as a guest host this week.

— Thragtusk is still the big bad wolf in the room, again, only this time top dominating the top 8 as previous weeks. Has the tide turned for the fearsome beast or is he the Boogeyman that multiplies like cockroaches?

— Hellrider is shaping up to be a premiere card from Innistrad block, what is in store for its future, how will it compare to Thalia?

— Some juicy choices for our Picks of the Week along with Chas attempting to stump us with What’s It Worth?


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  1. Not Jason Alt, someone else entirely says:

    Either way I get to go to Fogo and Ryan will be sad or Corbin will be sad. Win/win for me.

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