Brainstorm Brewery #32 – Epic Comeback

It was a long wait, but it was worth it as the gang is in fine form on this episode of Brainstorm Brewery. Tune in to hear how a trip to Sonic can turn tragic, a brouhaha over a forgotten 7 drop and about how no one (not even Jason) expects anything good out of Simic.

  • The gang apologizes for missing a few weeks. Ryan tells a tale of woe that was responsible for a ruined night and a missed opportunity to cast. Jason reads a reader e-mail that sums up a lot of what the fanbase feels about the hiatus.
  • A lot of events happened in the interim. Which cards are hot pickups and which cards should we be shipping? The gang comes out of the gate with their picks of the week right at the top of the show. There were a few big surprises in Indianapolis this weekend- find out what you should be on while there?s still time to get them cheap!
  • Return to Ravnica cards are becoming staples in the format and some of them are worth quite a bit. Is it time to buy some sealed product or does the gang think the prices are on the verge of collapse?
  • With no guest this week, the gang turns on each other in a winner-takes-all game of ?what?s it worth? that will leave you wondering where they come up with these wacky cards.
  • There were a few spoiled cards a while back that show Gatecrash is going to be a very exciting set. How does the gang feel about the new Planeswalker? Is the combo piece that lets you draw your entire deck going to fit into Omniscience or Dream Halls? Is the new Bobo a nono? Find out what they think about these cards, and how the prices of current cards- some staples and some cards that may catch on- will be affected by the release of gatecrash.


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5 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #32 – Epic Comeback

  1. Amir says:

    I think its comical that you guys got hate mail… lol. For the record I’m a fan, you guys rock. Keep sending out the solid content.

  2. Justin Black says:

    Great cast, I’m glad you’re back.

  3. eric landon says:

    epic apology then dissapear for two more weeks good on ya. Bout to give up on ur cast

    1. Cast is up today, I have a work schedule, this cast doesn’t pay me.

      1. eric landon says:

        I enjoyed the cast I was just giving you trouble.

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