Brainstorm Brewery #33 – The Worst Podcast Ever!

– Wait this is a Magic podcast right? The guys talk everything but Magic for the first few minutes.

-Number 0 financial podcast on the internet…also the only.

-User submitted e-mails to make the cast feel better!

-Corbin’s man card is questioned….again!

-The shape of the Metagame where every deck must beat a Thragtusk.

-Chronic Flooding deck when the Grand Prix

-The cast discusses the recent spike of Aluren and talks about how real the new price is.

-New financial tools online!

-Discussing the price spikes and lulls in Standard.

-Modern Bans?? Unbannings?

-Corbin and Ryan make another bet…but they can’t even remember the last one.? Thank God Jason and Marcel are here to keep things straight.

-Eight Days!!!

-What’s it worth?? Ryan dirtbags Jason!

-What should you be picking up in the next few weeks?? How about specing on Modern Masters?


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Jason E

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3 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #33 – The Worst Podcast Ever!

  1. eric landon says:

    I got some lupz from the title thanks for the email. Ill still give it a listen.

  2. Matt Lewis says:

    I must be reading Marcel’s mind, love the Counterflux pick on modo.

    1. It’s shot up this for to .25 tix, a little but definitely movement.

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