Brainstorm Brewery #34 – Oblivion Ring Circus

  • The gang is back and better than ever, coming out of the gate with some info about upcoming Grand Prix
  • Shardless Agent is selling for an obscene amount online. Someone has a ton of Chaos Reigns- what does the gang think he should do with them?
  • How does the gang feel about Lotleth Troll right now? What are other cards from Return to Ravnica do they like and dislike as pickups right now?
  • MODO has experienced some big changes lately. The gang weighs in on powered cube and the brand new promo card. Do we buy or sell?
  • Brainstorm Brewery wants all of the listeners to get there with a somewhat obscure card in modern that has some real potential. Make them proud- and some money while you?re at it.
  • Ryan gets hosed again as Jason steals his pick of the week- Again! Tune in to hear this fan-favorite segment

PLUS! Listener e-mail, an in-depth segment on Alurengate and more Karate Kid references than you can wax off. Join us for another episode of Brainstorm Brewery.


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3 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #34 – Oblivion Ring Circus

  1. mike says:

    Are you guy’s coming to the GP in Atlantic City?

    1. mike says:

      Also, nice bong rip in the middle !

  2. conley rasor says:

    I have listened to your podcast for the last few months and I am happy with life so far. Sometimes I like to cry in the shower fully clothed in the fetal position. That only happens when your podcast does not come on, usually during holidays. I have a framed picture of myself and my dead cat of 10 years, the cat was already dead in the picture. I hope I crept you all out a little because all of this is facetious anyway. Love the show though. PS. I do not own a cat.

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