Brainstorm Brewery #36 – Look Ma! It’s a Merfolk

Disaster strikes as the piece of string connecting Corbin’s tin can to the rest of the gang is cut and he misses a week! Can the other members carry on without him?

  • A new deck made a big splash in Atlantic City and the whole gang seems to really like it. Are there any cards we can take action on or is the marquis card in the deck something we want to be selling?
  • It’s Spoiler Central as the gang talks about how the new cards affect their Picks of the Week.
  • Spoilers continue as new cards are being posted every day. What does the gang think is overhyped? Who has changed their opinion on some of the new cards? Will Jason break down and preorder anything or will he stick to his guns? Find out!
  • Jace, the Mind Sculptor foils hit unfathomably high levels this weekend. The gang tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. Is the price a fluke or is it here to stay?
  • The gang does a shout out section that you won’t want to miss. Is there a new forum for the best financial information on the net?
  • Marcel gives MTGO bot @TheCardNexus a shout out but Jason doesn’t trust cyborgs. Will be a future guest to talk more about MODO finance or will human/robot relations break down?

Find out the answer to these questions and more, along with Ryan’s new nickname on this exciting episode of Brainstorm Brewery.

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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #36 – Look Ma! It’s a Merfolk

  1. ryan says:

    just wanted to thank the cast. Been listening for a while and decided to dip into buying based on the hosts suggestions. nothing crazy, but its been very lucrative. especially in trade baiting. like the Bayou i picked up a few weeks back for $54 online and trading into $104 of shock lands out of it based on its boosted $90 SCG price! Also picked up some (ie a lot) Invisible Stalkers at a buck, and Deathrites at $7-9 when the cast was pimping. Deathrites are doing real well for me. We shall see on the Stalkers. Thanks again guys!

  2. JerseyBricklayer says:

    If you like the cast, check out

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