Brainstorm Brewery #37 – Gatecrash Set Review part 1

Join us for part one of our special two-part extravaganza that will be your definitive guide to trading and buying at the prerelease this weekend. Every Rare and Mythic is evaluated to bring you the entire gang’s views on whether or not these Rares will be bulk when Dragon’s Maze comes out. You won’t want to miss either exciting installment of the only financial podcast on the web.

Which card made Jason say he’d rather open a booster pack with 4 Uncommons? How many crabs are in Gatecrash? Will Marcel ever get to finish a sentence? What card did Ryan call at $4, derailing the entire cast? Will Corbin find time to talk about his Modern Allies beatdown deck he’s been brewing (I’ll give you a freebie, no he will not)? Find out all this and more when the gang does Gatecrash on a very special two part prerelease primer that just may be good enough to be considered for inclusion in the Library of Congress. Join us for another exciting installment of Brainstorm Brewery.

  • Ryan starts us out by getting something important off his chest that stems from how he developed as a person and how he views his accomplishments as a disabled person. Ever an unconventional person, Ryan’s views may surprise you at first, but Brainstorm Brewery lets him speak his piece and get his views out there.
  • It wouldn’t be an episode of Brainstorm Brewery if the gang didn’t let Corbin and Jason have it for their impulse buy of hundreds of copies of Master of the Pearl Trident. You won’t want to miss the rub-ins as Ryan lists off the creature types that have more creatures in the set than there are Merfolk. The answers may surprise you, but Corbin’s reaction probably won’t. Did the gang discover a new twitter hashtag?
  • The drama resolved, the gang delves right into the cards from Gatecrash. What’s bulk? What’s overpriced? What’s not getting the attention it deserves? The gang doesn’t always agree, but both sides make persuasive cases. Who do you side with? Find out which Brewery members agree with your picks and make sure you’ve heard both sides before you decide what to pick up at the prerelease.
  • Part 2 of the special episode will be released later this week. The gang will finish up their review of the Mythics and Rares of Gatecrash so you go to your prerelease with your binder loaded for bear, ready to pick up all the hot singles.


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  1. theros gods says:

    How much does a recent booster box for Magic the Gathering WHOLESALE for?

  2. I’m just getting? back into magic while I am here in Afghanistan. I really want to build a zombie deck. If I were to buy a booster box which set should I go with to pull some decent zombies?+ACE-.

  3. theros magic says:

    Is there a foil version for every Magic The Gathering card?

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