Brainstorm Brewery #6 – Cavern of WTF!?!

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Finance Corner

Cavern of Souls is the elephant in the room; we weigh in on the impact of this incredible card!

Jeff Saturn joins us as a guest host and talks about his current venture with Ryan buying massive bulk collections.

— Smack in the middle of spoiler season, it looks like this will be a heavily drafted set because of the many chase cards, looks like Standard’s headed for a shake down.

— The popular cycle of rare nonbasic lands is completed with Avacyn, which one is our favorite?

— Two new exciting planeswalkers have been spoiled but are they worth their pre-order price?

— What’s going on with Snapcaster Mage and what’s in store for its future?


Brew Pub

— With only half of the cards spoiled brewing took a hiatus this week, but Ryan talks about an interesting combo deck with Grislebrand!


What’s It Worth?

Aven Mindsensor, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Spellskite & Snapcaster Mage


Altered Card of the Week

3D Melira, Sylvok Outcast by Andrew Sitte

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