Can the cast even understand its own grading metric? How confusing is it to give an E- normally? failing grade- to cards they like? Can the absurdity and the hyperbole give way to a real discussion about M14 or will this turn into every review of every core set- a struggle to find constructive things to say about a set that is ultimately fun to draft but won’t impact constructed all that much? Find out a few hidden gems, a few casual hits and a few cards that are seeing reprints that will devastate the price as the gang is joined by Midwest grinder Raymond Perez on the back of his big PTQ win on a set review episode you won’t soon forget. Join us on the 60th installment of your favorite podcast that will have you asking “Who does that flawless imitation of Marcel?”- your source for finance and brewing information- Brainstorm Brewery.

  • It’s M14 action wall to wall as the gang discusses the recently-spoiled M14
  • The gang utilizes their grading metric- changed from a number to a letter grade based on your feedback (it gets confusing when they mention numerical grades and numerical prices) to assess the rares, mythics and a few choice uncommon in M14.
  • Someone initiates an impromptu game of “What’s it Worth?” out of nowhere. Will the gang be ready for this shot from the hip?
  • Raymond Perez, AKA @rayfuturepro , the newest member of the Brainstorm Brewery #BrewCrew MODO clan and BSB representative on the Pro Tour gives a player’s perspective that may change how the gang feels about preordering certain cards.
  • No time for “Pick of the Week” as all cards worth mentioning are picks and the set review starts to feel like it took a week.
  • Who wins the award for “most out of touch with reality” price ceiling for a card? I’ll give you a hint- it’s exactly who you think it was, the ceiling proposed is $15, and the card is not what you’d expect.
  • Brainstorm Brewery turns 60 this week! Stay tuned to for exciting announcements regarding a forums and future merch you can buy and show your brew crew pride!


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