Which one of the cast invents their own brand new Proverb? Is there a new Fogo De Chao bet in the making? Which tribe is the best tribe? Which M14 cards, if any, should we be preordering? How are Magic cards like Harry Potter tote bags? How can you, a loyal listener, be part of the “Brew Crew”, an elite group of super listeners who will be the envy of their peers? Find out the answer to all these questions and more as well as which card in M14 is most likely to be altered by RK Post in an episode of your favorite podcast that will have you asking “Wow, do these guys actually even like each other?”- join us for a proverbial episode of Brainstorm Brewery.

  • The cast is back to its usual format- no more Meavy Meta for the foreseeable future, just pure, unadulterated MTG Finance is coming your way.
  • Exciting things are coming for members of the newly-formed Brew Crew. Find out how you can become a charter member.
  • The playmats designed by @Mattystudios are completely sold, but worry not. There will be another print run.
  • Find out how to get ahold of the awesome Stag tokens designed by @PolishTamales while you?re at it! You won?t want to miss the chance to intimidate your opponents with this angry Elemental from hell!
  • “Pick of the week” goes down the rabbit hole and turns into way more than just four picks- that’s what we in this business like to call “value”.
  • Can we ever hope to capture the Magic of GP Las Vegas? Opinions are mixed about whether Gen Con will completely underwhelm in the wake of that magical weekend.
  • Someone’s happy that there’s a new, playable Merfolk printed. I’ll give you four guesses who it is. Bonus points for saying “Duh, Corbin” four times.
  • Could Slivers finally supplant Merfolk and Goblins as the tribal King of Legacy? If it were going to, why hasn’t it already? Opinions are mixed.
  • M14 has a lot of goodness about to come your way, and none of it was spoiled until now because Modern Masters stole its thunder. Is it finally time to get excited about a core set?


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