Who did the best at the event out of everyone at the house? Which Magic-famous guests crashed the party? There were a few more gourmet chefs at the event: Who almost dropped because they had their meat on their mind, and who became an honorary Hood Chef? Who is going to think twice before taking a cab to the venue in the future? Who came so close to winning the Booze Cube invitational he could almost taste it? How tall is Derfington in real life? Find out the answers to all these questions and more on a very special joint podcast that will leave you asking “Why didn’t I go to Vegas?” It’s a Brainstorm Brewery and Heavy Meta joint podcast extravaganza. This is Meavy Meta.
  • It’s total bedlam as Brainstorm Brewery and Heavy Meta join forces to recap the largest card gaming event in the history of ever.
  • The infamous “podcast house” made quite a splash, even being covered by the Mothership. That article gave this glorious cast its name, but didn’t get the whole story. Find out the inside details here.
  • How did everyone make it to the event? Hear it here first!
  • There was quite a bit of liquid refreshment at the house- find out who couldn’t handle it and had to drop from the event prematurely.
  • The gang have been called “non-players” unfairly just because they’re finance geniuses, but can they still throw down at a major event? Find out how everyone fared. The answer may shock you.
  • What lessons can we take forward to help us when we attend the next record-breaking Grand Prix? This may not be the gang to ask.
  • A lot of inside jokes are explained, hilarious anecdotes are retold, friendships are formed and if you have a Booze Cube at home, you might want to get it laminated.
  • Ryan and Corbin provide some Brainstorm Brewery-exclusive content for Gathering Magic listeners only. You won’t want to miss it and you can’t find it anywhere else.


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