Is GP Vegas really going to be the can’t-miss event of the year? How do we get ahold of some of the sweet Brainstorm Brewery tokens and playmats by Polish Tamales and Matty Studios? What is this “Vegas House” we hear so much about? How will the gang react to be called “non-players”? Who goes 3 for 3 in “Guessing with the Godslayer”? Is Oklahoma actually the hotbed of Magic: the Gathering Corbin referred to? Find out the answer to all these questions, plus find out the answers to questions you never even asked on an episode of your favorite podcast that will have you asking “Is it a good thing or bad thing if you taste buds get curb-stomped”? Join us for another episode of Brainstorm Brewery.

-When the gang isn’t putting Brazilian steakhouse where its mouth is, it’s putting money there. Who won and lost some epic bets and who’s buying who dinner? You’ll have to listen to find out.

-With attendance for the GP already over 3,000, the prize structure is still the same as it would be for an 800 person GP. What can be done, and can the GP as a format survive?

-Speaking of Grand Prix, one of the gang had a good weekend at GP Houston. Not bad at all!

-There have been some accusations leveled at cast members by another podcast. Hear the record set straight.

-What is speculation? The gang can’t even agree on what it is; can they agree on how to do it? Listen to some invaluable tips on the why, the what and the how that will help new and old financiers alike. This is a segment you won’t want to miss.

-The cast is joined by Aaron “the Godslayer” Sulla for another episode of “Guessing with the Godslayer”, now with 100% more guessing.


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