So which one of the gang is a psychic? Who sounds like they’re calling in on a satellite phone from another continent (the answer may not surprise you)? Which regular is mysteriously missing tonight? How much value can we accidentally give you, anyway? There are a few cards poised to go up and you have a very short window to take advantage- find out which ones while there is still time. You’ll find anecdotes, actual deck brewing, deck advice and a whole lot of Legacy talk on a jam-packed episode of your favorite MTG Finance podcast that will leave you asking “how did you manage to go so long without telling Corbin to shut up”? Join us for Brainstorm Brewery.

  • The usual gang of idiots- Jason, Ryan and Corbin, are joined by Midwest grinder Chris Andersen (@_chrandersen_) to talk finance, M14 and Chris? success last weekend at the St Louis SCG Open where he took down the Legacy event with U/B Tezzerator
  • How do you play Tezzerator? What are the key cards? Are any of them poised to go up in price? There is speculation aplenty, and they finally put to rest the burning question ? should we be buying Tezzeret?
  • The podcast was recorded 30 minutes before the M14 spoiler was updated and one of the podcast members nails an unconventional pick. The whole cast agrees the reprint isn’t all that likely, but luckily for you they discuss what to do if it does make the cut. Sometimes when you run hot, you even run hot by accident
  • “Pick of the week” goes very deep and triggers a lot of discussion. You won?t want to miss a second.
  • “What’s it Worth” is full of surprises. Can the guest trip up the gang? What card has a surprisingly large price disparity between two popular websites? You’ll have to listen to find out.
  • Chris has been busy lately- when he’s not winning Opens he’s writing a new article for Star City Games? new column about Legacy decks and joining the podcast Glory Seekers. Check out his article today on Star City.
  • As long as you’re checking things out, remember there are several ways to find our podcast- both on Brainstorm and Make sure you know where to look so you don’t miss a single episode.


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