We have a shuffling of roles here on the cast. Who’s the new announcer? Who?s the new king of bad segues? Who gets told to shut up? Who is the talent? Who gives the most relevant MODO information?? Who gets the biggest laugh? The answer to all of these is not who you’d think based on past weeks, and that’s how we like it. Tune in for another great episode of your favorite podcast that will keep you guessing and have you asking “Does Ryan even know what the word talent means?” and “Can Corbin spell talent?” Join us for the best Brainstorm Brewery yet.

  • Ryan opens his mouth before the cast starts and trolls Corbin about who the talent on the cast is. This leads to Ryan having to do the intro instead of Marcel. You can tell right away we’re headed for a few derails.
  • Corbin tries to smoothly segue into Pick of the Week and it does not go as smoothly as he’d hoped. Don’t let the clowning fool you- these are some of the most solid picks we’ve seen in a while.
  • Jason repped the Brew Crew this week with a special appearance on the Heavy Meta podcast. Check out the whole episode here. Heavy Meta is a great cast and you should be listening to them.
  • Jason finds a few cards to like in M14 before he’s shut down. Consensus is: people might care about M14 if Modern Masters wasn’t also coming out.
  • Modern Masters has some obvious value, but there is a lot of hidden value the gang teases out. A lot of things you might not have considered are coming with this set and the gang makes sure you don’t miss a thing.
  • The Tee Spring campaign ends this week. Did the gang make their sales goal and get the designs they wanted printed? I’ll give you a hint- no, they did not. 20 shirts seemed like such a reasonable goal, too. There’s just no pleasing Brewery listeners.
  • One of the designs may get enough orders to be printed, and a free one is going out to Brewery listener AJ (@darkajo on twitter). Congrats, AJ! Rep that sexy logo with pride. Just because your shirt doesn’t say “Shut up, Corbin” that doesn’t mean your twitter feed can?t.
  • It’s a very special What’s it Worth as the gang finds a lot of bargains on in-stock cards on Coolstuff.


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