Marshall Sutcliffe is a tough act to follow, but this week’s special guest is up to the challenge; it’s cosplay legend Christine Sprankle (@cspranklerun)! Have you ever wondered what she deals with traveling to events with two suitcases so jammed full of cosplay gear there is barely room for a deckbox and a toothbrush on top? Here’s your chance to find out as Christine talks about her GP Vegas experience, negative community response, her first foray into Magic cosplay and the upcoming Theros block. Who keeps unintentionally trying to get Christine in trouble with WoTC by asking questions she can’t answer? Christine teaches someone a new adjective – who loves it and who ruins it for everyone? Someone has to duck out early- can you catch when it happens? Find out the answer to all these questions, plus find out the card that got Christine into Magic cosplay in the first place on an episode of your favorite podcast that will have you asking “Can Christine be on here every week?” this is Brainstorm Brewery.

  • Don’t know who Christine Sprankle is? I don’t believe you. Jason profiled her earlier this year, so check it out here if you haven’t already.
  • So what was GP Vegas like for Christine? Find out about her appearance on Walking The Planes and her many costume changes.
  • The usual gang’s opinion of the upcoming Theros block is a matter of record; how does Christine feel about it? Will this be another Kamigawa block, and will that be a good or bad thing if it is?
  • There was some drama this week as a player in a PTQ jammed two fewer Elvish Archdruids than Jason would run ideally, but still two more than he was allowed. Find out what happened and whether anyone is satisfied with the outcome.
  • Even more drama as Pro Todd Anderson is antagonized by an attendee at an SCG event. Is a lifetime ban too severe for this infraction? Was a lifetime ban even issued? The gang sets the record straight and weighs in on the use of bans to keep the community a safe and fun place for everyone.
  • Jason and Marcel talk a little bit of finance with Christine- are some of the M14 cards that are good right now just being buoyed by cards that are about to rotate or are they here to stay? It was a slow week for finance but that doesn’t mean there isn’t financial opportunity.


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  1. What is the name of the dude anyway with the Todd Anderson thing? I want to put him on my SIB Blacklist haha

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